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Jan 202011

Heh, finally, my blog is up again. I have had my old blog 2 years ago using this same old domain. I bought this domain last 2008 and it expires on the 2015 👿 . I never had back ups of that blog and it was hosted in a free damn hosting provider. I did received some notifications that they’ll shutdown all free accounts. But then, months passed, my blog didn’t shut down, so I was never worried at all. But then some time a week ago, my blog/site disappeared without any warning. That’s it, I lost everything including the important dev notes that I posted. Fuck it!, Fuck that hosting. But then, thank goodness I found this great guy named spyrochan who offered me a nice and cheap paid hosting service. Hopefully his hosting remains online in the next 5 to 10 years or so. I swore my self I’ll never go back to those freakin free hosting service providers for hosting my personal site.