Aug 072015

This blog post shall serve as a reference for people who encountered some annoying conflicts with port 80 after upgrading the windows os to windows 10.
I was using windows 7 RC version and never reformatted my machine since year 2011. Today, my most awaited turn to upgrade to windows 10 arrived.
However, after the upgrade process and several reboot, when I tried to run localhost on my browser, it didn’t work. Of course I suspected
that skype fucked up my port 80 again but I was wrong because I checked the settings and It remained unticked after upgrade.
My case now is not the usual xampp nor wamp anymore coz I am using a manually installed apache and php in my windows.

So the fix is:

go to the services settings of your windows by typing


at the start input/search box ( the one with magnifying glass icon)
(locate the apache service there. right click, then select start it simply wouldn’t start.
the reason is, there’s another service in windows 10 that is conflicting with it.)

now scroll down and look for the

World Wide Web Publishing Service

right click that service and stop it. once it stopped already, you might want to disable it by
right clicking again that service, then select properties and disable. That’s it
then go back to the apache service and try to run it. it should work fine again. 🙂

that’s the only issue I encountered after upgrading to windows 10 so far. I’ll post an article again
once I encountered some annoying things and fixed it again.