Apr 032017

I recently purchased a beast laptop. It’s an MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan. It has a gt1070 nvidia video card. Two days after my purchase, I reformatted the machine. Because I didn’t like the Windows 10 Home version of the OS installed, I didn’t like the way the OS is installed in the 128gb ssd, while the 1TB sata is empty. I’m a developer by profession and this 128gb ssd is not enough because I install a lot of softwares that I need in development. So I repartitioned the machine’s 1TB sata drive, emptied the 128gb ssd. I installed a Windows 10 Professional in one of the partitions of the sata drive. It went , successful, but then the booting up is obviously slow because the OS is inside the sata drive and not ssd. The more horrendous event was, the gpu is missing in the device manager of windows. I wasn’t able to install the nvidia driver. I did all the possible solutions that I found over the internet by googling. But no dice!. I ended up bringing it to an MSI service center. You know what’s surpising?, 2 days after I brought the laptop to the center, The technician called me and told me that they cannot find the reason why my video card is not being detected. They suspect it’s the disc image and they need to order it from taiwan and will take about 14 days. So they gave me my laptop back and told me they will just call me back once the disc image has arrived. That very same day, I decided to buy a 1TB ssd nvme samsung evo 850 to speed up the boot up of the main OS since the laptop supports super raid 4, as soon as I reached home, I voided the warranty because I had to open the backside of the laptop in order to install my new additional ssd. And so, the installation was successful, the booting up of windows is so fast. But then, the gpu is still fucking missing in the device manager and the bios cannot detect my fucking gpu also!!. To my surprise, the gpu appeared, after I accidentally pressed the gpu button under the power button of the laptop, and I was able to install the nvidia drivers. Sounds funny right?. That even the certified MSI technicians weren’t able to figure out what has happened to my laptop after their diagnostics. So that’s the fix, it’s the gpu button that will turn on and off the gpu. I hope this post will help anyone who owns the latest MSI laptops that has advance gpus and reformatted their machines. 😀 😀 😀