Nov 112015

By default, my macbook pro retina has Python 2.7. But then I needed the Python 3.x version as the 3.x version is the future 😀 .
So I went to the official python website and downloaded the 3.4 for OSX (the time of posting this article, the current version of python in the download area is 3.5 already lol).
In order to install some 3rd party libraries, one needs the pip thing. Here’s how to get the pip installed on the Mac

curl >

This line of curl code should get the python script file to be used for downloading the pip version for the machine.
After getting the file, shift to root user and fire


I am using python3 in the terminal to invoke the python3.4 instead of the default python 2.7 version ( I don’t want to put any aliases in the shell to point the ‘python’ to python3 in the terminal )
once done. the pip that was installed can be located at


Then if you want to install let’s say the patool library, I did it like this

pip3.4 install patool

Now I got the matplotlib,numpy,pandas,ftplib,seaborn 😀